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Tea Garden B&B is an authorized B&B registered as under No. 077 for Chiayi County B&B.
Tea Garden│South European-style Bed and Breakfast

PHOTO 【Tea Garden】 is situated within the boundary of Alishan National Park at the 58.1km mark of the 【Tai-18】Freeway (Alishan Freeway) leading to Alishan Forest Recreation Area. Adjacent to Fenchihu, forest area, Dadong Mountain and various scenic areas, Tea Garden is an ideal place for taking a vacation or weekend off!

 Sitting at an altitude of 1,300m, the front yard of 【Tea Garden】is an observatory in which visitors may overlook the beauty of 【Xiangshan】and the far-reach mountain range. As the hour and weather change, the ever-changing and beautiful mountainous landscapes give different pictures such as clear sunny sky, surging sea of cloud or rosy sky at sunset….visitors may enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee while watching the fantastical sea of cloud.

Tea Garden-A Word from the Owner

  B&B is my childhood heaven as well as a record of my childhood memories. However, as I leave home for school and work, I seemed to distant myself from this land as well. I remember before I came back to take charge of the B&B, this is the place where my grandparents lived. I cannot remember since when did this place started to have guests. There was one time during the Chinese New Year that my grandparents actually managed to accommodate 20 to 30 guests in which I was deeply impressed. After my grandfather passed away, my grandma was transferred to a nursing home due to Alzheimer’s Disease, thus leaving the place unmanaged. In April 2007, I quit my job in Taipei and decided to come back and manage B&B. The reason why I have decided to come back is because in addition to being my favorite place, I hope to keep this place going so that more people can enjoy my B&B. There are so still so many plans awaiting to be fulfilled and your support and encouragement is our greatest inspiration.

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